Monthly Board Meeting News

Monthly Board Meeting News

Fri, 06/09/2019 - 10:14

News bulletins from the club's monthly Board meetings.

February 2020

  1. Please see the Director Nominations form in respect of the AGM on Thursday 7th May at 7pm.
  2. Christmas raffle prizes that are not claimed by Saturday 29th February will be put forward to the Summer raffle.
  3. Card Payments – we are currently awaiting a receipt printer.
  4. Check out the Bar promotions for February linked with the ‘Big Screen’ sports events. These include free nibbles and ‘Buy 1, Get the 2nd Drink half price’. Ts and Cs apply – see the posters for details. There is also a new beer on offer – Preston Jack, as well as soft drinks such as dandelion and burdock!
  5. Easter opening times will be confirmed early March.
  6. Lockers – the Men’s lockers are in the process of being emptied. Those lockers not claimed will shortly be emptied and the contents kept for 1 month. The Ladies locker sort is around 4 weeks behind.

January 2020

  1. The Spring Social Programme is currently being distributed. Do take time to read this as it contains information regarding A La Carte dining, Bingo, Quiz Nights, Theatre visits, Warner breaks and more!
  2. The Christmas raffle made a profit of approximately £450. Thank you to Christine Clack who organised prizes and ticket sales
  3. The painting of the club entrance area will be undertaken by volunteers within the next few weeks. The lounge area is now on hold until the summer months.
  4. New Year’s Day Drive – 30 people participated and a good time was had by all. Thank you to Keith Parker and Ron Tomlin who organised the event.


December 2019

  1. Please see the signs regarding the Christmas and New Year opening / closing hours, plus bar and catering arrangements.
  2. FREE beginner coaching courses will be held in January – starting Tuesday 7th and Saturday 11th . Please tell friends, relatives, neighbours etc!
  3. The Christmas raffle will take place on Wednesday 18th December, after the 500 Club Draw. Tickets can be purchased from Christine Clack or the Bar.
  4. The Bar is now taking card payments.
  5. New Year’s Day Drive – the ‘sign up’ sheet is on the noticeboard. The Board has agreed a reduced £2 green fee for this event.
  6. The Board would like to take this opportunity to wish members a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


October 2019

  1. The new Snooker Room carpet will be laid on 22nd and 23rd October. We will advise, as soon as possible, if another day is required.
  2. Peter Moore is to be thanked for all his hard work and effort with our website over the past couple of years.
  3. We have a new promotional leaflet that will be distributed to doctor’s surgeries, physio practices etc in order to highlight the club and its facilities within the local community.
  4. We are currently looking at installing a card machine, on a trial basis, for bar transactions. Further details to follow.
  5. Ian Ward has resurrected the Wednesday afternoon Bingo sessions. Please check the noticeboard for information.


September 2019

  1. The new indoor season commences on Monday 23rd September.
  2. Our coaching courses start on Tuesday 8th and Saturday 12th October. Please sign up if you feel you need to brush up your skills. Do let your friends and family know too!
  3. The money for a high quality chute has been donated anonymously. This is to assist with the testing of the indoor green speed.
  4. Susan Cook and Tony Dade have purchased new outdoor mats; we thank them for their generosity.
  5. Please report any health and safety, maintenance issues etc to Alison – Bar Steward or Nicky – Club Administrator.
  6. The Bingo sessions, coordinated by Ian Ward, have made a £2,079 profit so far this year.
  7. Tracey – Membership Secretary requires your locker number, if you have not notified via your renewal form.


August 2019

  1. The Preston Open Tournament was a great success. A £751 surplus was made, which the sponsorship & raffle contributed to. Thank you T.Dade & G.Clack & all who assisted with the green, raffle & general duties.
  2. We now have an additional 4 CCTV cameras installed which veiw the top car park, bottom area of the car park, snooker room & outdoor green.
  3.  Finishing touches are being made to the new club leaflet. This will be used to promote the club & facilities & will be sent to doctor's surgeries, physiotherapists, local establishments etc.
  4. Dave Matthews, our electrician, will be taking over the general maintenance of the facility.
  5. Membership renewals are now due. You can now pay by BACS too! if you are not renewing please contact Tracey Rolf at and arrange the return of your fob/locker key.
  6. Booked Rink letters have also been sent. Please return as soon as possible, together with the payment.


July 2019

  1. Pride Security will be operating from our club on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August. There will strictly be No Admittance, for members, to any parts of the facility over that weekend. This applies both indoors & outside.
  2. A note was recieved from a member regarding buying drinks for opposing visiting teams. As there was no name we are unable to respond directly hence the reply here:-  This was discussed at the July Board Meeting & it was agreed that it is an individual choice.
  3. General refurbishment work has taken place in the Snooker Room. We thank Tony Paice & his team for their efforts in updating this area.
  4. A list of Emergency Contacts has been placed in the Fist Aid area by the lounge telephone. This is for use when the Office / Bar areas are not staffed.


June 2019

  1. The Board would like to express appreciation for the hard work & dedication shown during Pat Pearce's term as Club President. We welcome Dave Woosnam as the new President & are sure that he will continue in Pat's admirable footsteps.
  2. We also welcome Julian Dale to the Board of Directors & Alison Johnston in the new Bar Steward & Cleaner role.
  3. Don't forget to check the noticeboardsfor general information & events.We also have a rolling banner on the television!
  4. The recent 2 Wood Competition on the outdoor green received excellent feedback.There was appreceiation for the members who assisted with the marking, general duties & ensuring the facilities were looking first class, as well as the Caterer & the Greenkeepers.


March 2019

  1. The new audio visual equipment will be installed on 24th/25th April.
  2. We have been made aware of a recent incident where a couple were seen trying car doors in our car park. Please ensure that you lock your vehicles and any valuable items are not on display.
  3. Please take time to check the noticeboard for club related matters, as well as the pigeon holes.
  4. Please remember 'Fore Sale' items are to be passed to the Administrator initially. Related information has been moved to the wall opposite the Caterer.
  5. The Amex Tour has now been finalised for Wednesday 12th June - see main noticeboard.Please pay the Treasurer as soon as possible.


January 2019

  1. Since the LED lighting has been installed a £400 per month saving has been made on electricity charges
  2. Please be reminded that the facility is open to members when events e.g dinner dances ect, are taking place. However, please be respectful if you are sitting in the bar area and keep noise levels to a minimum during presentations.
  3. Funding of £400 has been secured from Pride Social Inpact Fund. This is for advertising an Open Day to recruit new members.
  4. There is a Honda car on show by the building entrance. Please contact Brighton Honda 01273 592929 for further information.
  5. We have received appreciation from Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal collection. Donations from club members raised £90.40.


November 2018

  1. There is an issue with tree roots from the neighbouring Sanctuary Housing site. A cone has been placed in the car parking space & we would appreciate it not being removed.
  2. The new 'Complains Prococedure' is now in place. Forms can be obtained from the website and are available in paper form from the office. Matters will be brought to the Board each month.
  3. The Board has expressed appreciation to Ann Owen, for the donation of some of Ron's bowls clothing and woods, and Christine Clack for purchachasing a large plant holder.
  4. A donation of £500, from the sale of the books & jigsaws, will be made to the Parkinson's Society in respect of Ron Owen's involvement and that he set up the charity sale.
  5. Don't forget to sign up for the Dinner Dance on Friday 30th November. It will be an evening of great fun, food & entertainment.


October 2018

  1. Further to the indoor green LED lighting upgrade - further improvements will be made to the lounge and hallway areas.
  2. Some improvements will be made to the snooker room including the re- covering of the tables & new flooring.
  3. A tour of the American Express Community Stadium (home of Brighton & Hove Albion) may be added to the Social ativities. Please watch for info via noticeboard.


September 2018

  1.  John Wilcox has kindly agreed to take on the role of Green Controller this season. Please contact John directly regarding enquiries on this matter.
  2.  The new LED indoor bowls hall lighting will be completed before the start of the season.
  3. The FREE Coaching sessions start in October on Tuesday 2nd & Saturday 6th. Please see the noticeboard for further info & sign up. Do let your freinds Know!
  4.  Please note the changed system for membership applications, due to GDPR. Again information is displayed on the noticeboard.
  5. Wine coolers have been requested & purchased.
  6.  Our electrician will be installing new parts to the external club sinsge in the next few weeks.


August 2018

  1.  Thank you to all involved in the recent Preston Open Tournament - from attracting sponsorship, umpiring, green rotation, raffl prizes and the general administration.
  2.  Our defibrillator has been added to a list of devices across the city. This will allow for it to be used during certain times in the local area, if necessary.
  3.  Please see the letter on the noticeboard, from Brighton & Hove City Counsil, regarding bus lane sinage. No change will be made.
  4.  Ian & Wendy Ward are asking for volunteers to assist with keeping the garden to the great standard they have achieved,
  5. Monthly car park cleaning is taking place.
  6.  Good luck to the Senior County Fours team - Susan, Penny, Rosina & Gina, in Leamington Spa this Month.


July 2018

  1. There is an issue with a tree root, from the Sanctuary Housing site. A cone has been placed in the parking space, opposite the disabled entrance- please do not use !!!
  2. The Bingo evenings are proving very popular, with reserve lists in place. Ian Ward is currently looking at a weekly option.
  3. A new accident / incident form is in place, found by the First Aid kit. Please ensure that you complete a form should an accident occur involving you, another menber or visitor.
  4. GDPR Privacy Notice - this is currently being drafted from EIBA guidelines. Information will eventually be displayed on our website & noticeboard.

June 2018

  1.  We will be hosting the Ladies County Final on Saturday 28th July ( from 2pm ) & all day Sunday 29th July.
  2.  Bus Lane - an email has been sent to the Council, regarding the various issues, & replies now received. It is hoped that a meeting will take place between both parties.
  3. LED Lighting options are being considered for the indoor facility.
  4.  Therteen members took part in the recent CPR & Defibrillator training at the club. details are by the First Aid point.
  5.  Green Controller - this position is still vacant. Please contact Nicky, the Administrator, if interested.

May 2018

  1. Dales recently carried out maintenance of the indoor green. They mended splits in the underlay and concentrated on fixing the floor.
  2.  Bus Lane - We have received letters from members who have been issued with warning notices. Until any possible changes are made please ensure that you are careful on entering & leaving the club.
  3.  Ron Tomlin has resigned from The Board of Directors. Ron was thanked for his input, hard work & efforts over the past 2 years. He will still be running the Sponsors Days.

April 2018

  1. The Outdoor & Summer Indoor season start on Monday 23rd April.
  2. We are still seeking a Green Controler, further to Ron Tomlin's resignation. Please notify Nicky, the Administrator, if interested.
  3. Volunteers are required to assist with clearance of the outdoor areas. Please help to keep your club looking smart & tidy! if anyone is interested please see Ian Ward.
  4. There will be a sale of Lost Property & Second Hand bowls equipment on Tuesday 17th April from 11am - 4pm in the lounge.

March 2018

  1. Dales will be carrying out remedial wok on the indoor green on Tuesday 1st May from 7am to 1pm.
  2. To assist with the ongoing drainage issue a new bin has been provided in the men's toilets.
  3. A CPR & Defibrillator course will take place on Thursday 17th May from 2:30 to 2:30pm. there are still a few places available. Please see Nicky, the Administrator, if you are interested.
  4. The AGM Date is now Thursday 10th May

February 2018

  1. Further to comments by members - a new gaming machine is now in place, which also pays out directly.
  2. The stairwell to the office has been newly decorated so creating a better impression for visitors.
  3. Our newly designed website is now in place. We appreciate the hard work by one of our members - Peter Moore, and thank him for his efforts.  Please take time to veiw!
  4. The AGM will take place on Thursday 3rd May.

January 2018

  1. Dales will be carrying out general maintinance & 2-way stretch on Thursday 25th January between 7 - 9pm.
  2. The new coaching courses, advertised vir The Post & Preston Pages, have attracted good numbers. We thank all the Coaches for their hard work & effort in ensuring participants can learn new skills in a relaxed environment.
  3. Comments regarding the new gaming machine have been taken on board & a meeting is to be arranged with AMS, who supply the machine.
  4. Please note that the club closure time on a Sunday is 9.30pm.
  5. The Christmas Raffle, organised by Michael Lynch-Brown proved popular again.Michael has been thanked for his sourcing of the prizes, which is very much appreciated.

December 2017

  1. C.Joel has now 'retired' from website duties. The Board has thanked her for all her hard work & effort over the years. Another member -Peter Moore, has now taken over as webmaster.
  2. The insurance claim< & related building work, is nearing completion with a few minor issues to be rectified.
  3. Please do remember to park responsibly, within the white lines, & ensure that you have displaed your club parking badge.
  4. Ditch clearers are required for the outdoor green clearance. Please contact Tony Dade if you are able to assist.
  5. the new coaching courses start Tuesday 9th & Saturday 13th January. Please sign up via the notice board if you are interested & notify non- members too.
  6. The Sunday evening Australian Pairs session are proving a welcome addition. Pleasedo come along & support.

JULY 2017

  1. We are looking to make changes to our website and are working with a member’s daughter to update and remodel.
  2. A deep clean of the lounge area furniture and carpets will take place over the next month, as well as seating around the indoor rink.
  3. We are looking for ideas for Sunday evenings to maximise bar income & increase casual play.
  4. Filing cabinets, surplus to requirements, are currently being stored in the Outdoor Pavilion. Please contact the Administrator should you wish to purchase at a small charge.


JUNE 2017

  1. Welcome to the new Directors – Veronica Michael, Ian Ward and Dave Thorpe. The Board looks forward to working with them and the new skills that they will bring.
  2. Work has been completed on the South Flat (formerly the Steward’s flat) and it is in the process of being advertised for letting.
  3. The tenders for the building work, in respect of the insurance claim, are due for return on 23rd June. Building work will take place throughout the summer.
  4. A part time Bar Person is required to work 2 evenings per week and cover for sickness and holiday.


APRIL 2017

  1. The Steward’s flat is to be rented and we are in the process of advertising for a new Bar Steward.
  2. A request has been made for an Evening Bingo session. Further details are to follow from Ian Ward.
  3. The Outdoor Bowls clubs are considering an amalgamation next season. A set of rules is currently under consideration.
  4. The Bowley & Gallagher Fun Day was very successful. A big ‘Thank You’ to Ron Tomlin for organising.



  1. The Theatre Visits are now fully booked and a reserve list is in place. Please also check the box, under the noticeboard, for your letter containing all the Social Activities information. Another ‘Fun Day’ will take place on 19th March. Details to follow.
  2. Dales carried out their general maintenance stretch in January and have recommended a 4-way stretch on their next visit.
  3. Information on our website is currently being updated and tidied, further to various suggestions. Thank you to Cynthia for her hard work and for making the changes.


25 January 2017

  1. A new Social Activities programme has been produced. Please check the box, under the noticeboard, for your letter containing all the details.
  2. Dales will be back on Wednesday 25th January to stretch the carpet.
  3. A World Record attempt for the Guinness Book of Records will take place on 29th April, co-ordinated by Hurstpierpoint Bowls Club.



  1. The Door Entry System has been set at 8-30am.
  2. Dales have stretched the carpet and we will be scheduling another visit at the end of January.
  3. Our coaches have run another successful two courses and we have gained a number of members.


Thank you to Roy, Gerry, Barbara, Ray, Doreen and Christine.

The Chairman & Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for Christmas and 2017.

9th JUNE 2016

  1. The Board wish to express their thanks to Ian & Wendy Ward for all the gardening work they have undertaken around the outside green.It is very much appreciated.
  2. Directors responsibilities were designated as follows: J. Edwards: Club 500, Social activities, Catering.


  • R.Taylor: Building & maintenance.
  • J.Wilcox: Grounds maintenance.
  • Induction interviews: J.Bracey & L.Burns.
  • Finance Committee: J. Wilmshurst, G.Clack & L. Burns.


10th MAY 2016

  1. Ron Tomlin was elected to the Board of Directors at the AGM held on the 5th May.
  2. At the Board Meeting held on the 10th May Lesley Burns was co-opted to the Board of Directors for a period of one year.
  3. A further contract has been agreed with the Caterer for one year starting 1st September 2016.
  4. John Edwards is re-elected as Chairman & Geoff Clack as Vice-Chairman.
  5. The new indoor bowling carpet will be installed week commencing 4th July.


8th FEBRUARY 2016

  1. Dales Sports Surfaces will be installing the new indoor bowling carpet, subject to members approval at the AGM on the 5th May. A provisional date has been agreed for week commencing 4th July.
  2. Monies from the social fund will be divided between three local Charities,The Martlets Hospice, Sussex Heart Foundation & Whoopsadaisy who help children with Cerebral Palsy & learning difficulties.
  3. There are still free physiotherapy assessments available on 29th February. Please see notice on main board.


22nd JANUARY 2016

  1. The date of the AGM will be Thursday 5th May at 1900 hours.
  2. New over table lighting is to be fitted in the snooker hall along with a new coin operation unit.
  3. New LED sensor security lighting is to be fitted in the car park to replace current lighting which is failing.
  4. A final decision on the contractor for the installation of the new carpet in the Bowling Hall will be taken at the next Board Meeting on the 2nd February.


15th OCTOBER 2015

  1. The new outdoor storage shed kindly donated by Guy Strudwick is now in use.The Board would like to thank all those who assisted in making this possible. Particularly Jim Warne, John Little, Eddie Hagger, Michael Baker & John Wilcox.
  2. The Tuesday coaching course is now full. Spaces still available on Saturdays.
  3. Sheila Moore is holding a sale of second hand bowlswear on Saturday 14th November.
  4. Please ensure that the overshoe protectors are used if temporarily leaving the Bowling Hall. They are available at both entrances to the Club.


21st MAY 2015

  1. John Edwards has been re-elected as Chairman & Geoff Clack as Vice-Chairman.
  2. Veronica Michael has kindly agreed to be the Club Welfare Officer for the Safe Guarding of Young people.
  3. The lighting in the Bowling Hall will need to be changed during the summer.
  4. The price of match meals will remain unchanged.


3rd March 2015

  1. The A.G.M. will be held on Thursday 7th May 2015 at 7pm in the lounge.
  2. Directors Nominations : There is one nomination for one vacancy therefore a vote will not be required.
  3. A new organiser is required for the Thursday afternoon drives next season.Please contact D. Woosnam or the Administrator.
  4. The lighting in the Bowling Hall is scheduled for renewal this summer.
  5. Tables in the lounge are being broken by people sitting/leaning on the ends. Please refrain from doing this as repairs are costly.


9th JANUARY 2015

  1. For a trial period a wall mounted cigarette disposal unit is to be installed outside the main entrance, please ensure that this is used.
  2. Fourteen new yellow bowling delivery mats are on order for the bowling hall.


6th November 2014

  1. A new bingo machine is to be purchased.
  2. Diet coke is now available from the Bar.
  3. Please will all bowlers wear the plastic overshoe protectors provided by entrance door if they need to temporarily leave the building.


3 September 2014

  1. The carpet in the Bowling Hall has been cleaned and a new professional pro-weave vacuum cleaner is to be purchased to improve maintenance of the indoor green.
  2. New flooring will be laid in the entrance and foyer areas.
  3. A new memorial trophy is to be awarded annually in memory of Dilys Wiggins for ‘The most improved newcomer’. This trophy is being given to the Club by Geraint Wiggins, son of Dilys and will be awarded at the close of the next indoor season.


27th May 2014

  1. John Edwards & Geoff Clack have been unanimously re-elected to Chairman & Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  2. The main snooker table has been recovered & equipment serviced.
  3. Club employees are no longer permitted to use the gaming machines during working hours.
  4. A Dinner Dance will be held on 19th December. Due to lack of recent support there will not be a New Year’s Eve event this year.


7th April 2014

  1. Ron Owen has resigned his position as a member of the Board of Directors. Our very best wishes go to Ron for the future and we thank him for all he has done for the Club over a period of many years. His presence will be very much missed at meetings.
  2. The Club A.G.M. will be held on Thursday 1st May at 19.00. All members are welcome. The Bar will remain open throughout the evening.
  3. The Indoor A.G.M. will be held on Thursday 17th April at 19.00. The Bar will close for the duration of the meeting.


5th March 2014

  1. Annual General Meeting:
  2. As there are five nominations for five vacancies, a vote will not be required.
  3. Following this meeting an open forum will be held.
  4. A form will be given to all new members and with renewals asking members for their availability to play in Club matches.
  5. Flavoured bottle water will soon be available to buy at the Bar.
  6. The main snooker table is to be recovered at the end of the season.
  7. Two new water heaters have been installed in the Ladies W.C. in the outdoor pavilion.
  8. The Bar will be open from 12.00 until 10.30 on Good Friday for the Fun Day. The Kitchen will also be open all day.


2Oth JANUARY 2014

  1. The New Year’s Day Funday organised by Ron Tomlin proved a huge success. The Board wishes to thank Ron and his assistants for making this possible. With such support this event may well become a regular event.
  2. Rob Taylor, co-opted to the Board has offered to become Buildings/Maintenance Manager.
  3. Works to repair the outdoor green irrigation system will commence shortly.
  4. Works are currently being undertaken to repair the brick work on the main front wall of the building.
  5. The date of this year’s A.G.M. has been set for Thursday 1st May at 1900.



  1. A Christmas Raffle has been kindly organised by Michael Lynch-Brown.  Draw on Wednesday 18th December, tickets available from the Bar.
  2. Our thanks to Eddie Hagger and Mike Eyre for improving the condition of the dining room tablesand to Gill Greenwood, Cynthia Joel and anyone else who helped with the Christmas decorations.
  3. The solar panels have provided a yearly return of £7000.
  4. A 3 year contract has been signed by the Caterer.



6th November 2013

  1. Repairs to the Indoor Bowling Carpet will be carried out Wednesday 13th November 1400 – 1700.
  2. The Xmas Raffle will not take place this year due to lack of volunteer organisers.
  3. The dining room tables are to be treated to help improve their condition.
  4. The guttering is in poor repair & is to be replaced.
  5. Our thanks to Sheila Moore for the organisation of the successful sale of second hand bowls wear.
  6. Rob Taylor has been invited to be co – opted to the Board of Directors until the 2014 elections.


2nd October 2013 (Revised 11 October 2013)

  1. Teas and coffees can be purchased from both the Kitchen and the Bar.
  2. Sheila Moore is organising a sale of second-hand bowls and clothing on Saturday 2nd November from 1000 – 1200.
  3. Organisers are needed for the Xmas Raffle. Please see Allyson if you can help. If there are no volunteers the raffle will not take place.
  4. The Automatic Irrigation System to the outdoor green is beyond repair. Works will be carried out to upgrade the system.



  1. WIFI is now installed. Required code is on main notice board.
  2. Defibrillator training. Two sessions have been organised. Details on main notice board.
  3. The disabled W.C is now repaired & a hand air dryer is on order & will be installed shortly.
  4. Sheila Moore is to organise a sale of unclaimed lost property & second hand bowls wear.
  5. John Laker has been invited to join The Board as a secondment until elections take place next year.
  6. We thank Geoff & Christine Clack for at short notice organising a most successful Preston Bowls Week & raffle.
  7. Following the satisfactory completion of a six month period the Company Administrator is now a permanent member of staff.
  8. Solar Panels. The financial saving for the period April – June is £2,787.73.


2ND JULY 2013

  1. John Laker was invited as a guest to attend the Board Meeting held on the 2nd July.
  2. It was agreed that the match fee for the next season would be £8.00.
  3. We are delighted to announce that David Welsh has accepted our invitation to become Club President. We wish him well in his new position
  4. Bar prices have not been increased for over two years. This is no longer sustainable and prices will increase as from the 23rd September.
  5. Members are reminded that only alcoholic drinks purchased at the Bar can be consumed on the premises.
  6. It has been decided to install hand sanitisers in the members’ lounge. We would ask all members to use them in helping to retain a healthy environment for themselves and others.


17th MAY 2013

  1. John Edwards is Chairman for 2013-2014.
  2. Geoffrey Clack is Vice-chairman.
  3. The following responsibilities for 2013-2014 were agreed:
  4. Building & Maintenance: D.Conley
  5. Catering: J.Edwards
  6. Social Activities: J.Edwards
  7. New Members: J.Bracey
  8. It was agreed that Wifi should be installed within the Club.
  9. The Chairman will be sending a Newsletter out with renewal notices responding to issues raised at the A.G.M.